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Hello from... The Caltons

   Spring is here... and we are looking forward to experiencing all that God has in store for us.
   We are slowly still working on a new project.... With great new songs for you written by Tim, Lisa and Bill.
   We hope to see all our wonderful friends throughout the year....
  It is a joy and great blessing to get the opportunity to worship and share with you about God's wonderful Grace and Mercy that is free to all who will accept it.

   Please keep us in your prayers that God will lay his hand upon our ministry and give us the songs to sing with the message that needs to be shared.      
   Keep us in your prayers that we will always be found in the center of God's will. God is blessing our ministry and  we are see in him work through the faces  of those who attend our concerts, through  their smiles, tears and words that they share with us. As singers of the gospel of  Jesus Christ, we are always striving to find  new ways to get our message out to those  who enjoy southern gospel music.   
  We look forward to seeing you! 

God Bless...
The Caltons


The Caltons would love to come and worship
with you at your church.
Call Now To Reserve Your Date
931-724-4334 Or 931-722-4898

Life is too short for to not enjoy every moment. To get the best of each day always start with prayer, first thanking God for the new day... then asking him for guidane throughout the day.... then praying for others that need a special touch from above.... then asking him for the things we need  not want.... God is good and he promised us in his word he would meet our every need if we  trust and follow him each day..


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Isn't she absolutely beautiful!!!
Billy and Deloris'
New Granddaugher
Neely Rion Brown
Arrived, July 3
8 Lbs. 6 Oz
20" Long


Lisa's Dad
Tony Huntley