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Hello from... The Caltons

The new project is here.... and Radio Single has been sent out!!!!
"Walking On The Water"  includes new songs penned by Lisa, Tim, Billy and some very dear friends, Jalana Franklin and Hollis Butler.  We are excited about the project and hope you get your copy soon!
   The Radio single was written by Tim Jones entitled "He Paid the Way"
Call your local stations and request it!

Please keep us in your prayers that God will lay his hand upon our ministry and give us the songs to sing with the message that needs to be shared and  that we will always be found in the center of God's will. 
   God is blessing our ministry and  we are seeing in him work through the faces  of those who attend our concerts, through  their smiles, tears and words that they share with us.
   As singers of the gospel of  Jesus Christ, we are always striving to get the  message of his love out to those who need to hear about what Christ has to offer to those who will trust and believe in him and to those who enjoy southern gospel music.   
  We look forward to seeing you! 

God Bless...
The Caltons


The Caltons would love to come and worship
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Unconditional Love.... As Christians it is the desire of our Heavenly Father for us to show that love daily. As humans we always get our feelings hurt, or get upset with someone but we have to remember the golden rule,.... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you... when we follow this rule we are showing unconditional  love. The point is, if we ask someone for forgiveness we expect them to forgive us.. so we should do the same. If we act ugly... we expect family and friends to not have hard feelings but to show love, we should do the same. When we do something wrong... we expect mercy from family and friends, so we as Christians should not only show mercy to our family and friends but go one step further and show grace just as Jesus did. So the next time you start to respond or comment on someones actions... think first and treat them as you would want to be treated and show "Unconditional Love"...

Each Sunday our pastor yells out to the crowd after we are dismissed... "Go Out And Give Them Heaven"!
As a child of God that is just exactly what we should do. Go out into the world and let them see Jesus in us so that they might catch a glimpse of Heaven through the way we live our lives.  So this week I challenge you to "Go Out And Give Them Heaven"! I'm sure that not only will they be blessed but you will too!


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The Caltons at Hilltop Studios
Working On New Project
"Walking On The Water"